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At AQM we exist to create inspirational, immersive destinations that enrich the communities and people they are built for.

Global perspective

Aquamarine has core teams located in New Zealand, Russia and
South Africa. Our global network of partners enable a multicultural perspective, meaning we have the ability to build our team around projects, which we have completed across the world.



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Investment Opportunities

Applications of interest are open for several existing projects, and for new ideas.

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In Aquamarine's home base of New Zealand, we are the first country to see the new dawn each day, and this special spot in the world helps to shape our unique viewpoint. We're lucky to have many incredible natural environments on our doorstep and the natural world is hugely important to us. Perhaps this is what drives us to create projects that help others across the globe share in nature's wonders too.

We don't shy away from a challenge. We work with clients and communities in unique regions all over the world to help them build legacies and landmarks. Are you ready to start building yours?

Nicholas Traviss Aquamarine, Owner /Director

Two Generations of Innovation, 47 years in business, 1100+ projects.

R.K. Traviss

Bob Traviss started R.K. Traviss Design in 1972, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Since our inception, Aquamarine has evolved into an international design and project consultancy.

From our early focus on architecture, to our specialization in aquariums, to our current focus on multi-feature bespoke developments and integrated biomes – we have always been passionate about enhancing human experience within built environments.

Throughout our evolution, we have stayed true to our roots – holding onto a respect for our natural environment, a commitment to outstanding delivery in true partnership with our clients, and a sensitivity to how our work can impact and improve lives.


  • 1972

    Bobby Traviss founds R.K. Traviss Design in Bay of Islands New Zealand

  • 19722002

    30 years marks 977 individual projects completed in New Zealand's Northland Region

  • 2002

    Our second era begins, as Nicholas joins his father in the business, and R.K. Traviss Design becomes Traviss Design

  • 20022012

    Traviss Design builds an international reputation as an expert consultancy in aquarium design, partnering with other leading Aquarium industry experts on over 150 projects over this time

  • 2006

    Bobby passes, and leaves his legacy to Nicholas, as the business continues to grow and diversify

  • 2012

    Traviss Design expands into Aquamarine Projects – extending beyond aquariums into diverse entertainment and experience precinct projects

  • 20122019

    Aquamarine Projects embarks on a number of diverse nature-based entertainment projects including nature parks, water parks, botanic gardens and discovery centres.

  • 2010Present

    Aquamarine pioneers the new commercial Eco-Aquarium and champions Biome development as the sustainable future of entertainment design.


At AQM we exist to create inspirational, immersive destinations that enrich the communities and people they are built for.

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