Our Philosophy

Our approach is informed by many years of experience and learnings made along the way. We adhere to strong principles and practices to ensure sustainable results and better outcomes for all involved.

About us

Stay curious

Every project and the people it serves is unique. We undertake significant research to understand full context, and the quality of our work is built on a deep understanding of how people live, how they like to be entertained, and how to deliver to this within a sustainable business model. Through personal observation, we immerse ourselves in each place we are designing for, and conduct detailed research into social, environmental, commercial and political factors. Custom solutions are built from here. Talk to us about your next intriguing challenge.

Honour nature

We are deeply passionate about the natural world. Sustainable practice and innovation is central to our approach and we believe it is vital for any business that hopes to succeed in the future. As part of this, environmental education is central in our entertainment developments, as is the wellbeing of any living species housed within them. Contact us to learn more about our sustainability and environmental practices and principles.

Create connection

Our multi-disciplinary network of specialists spans the globe. Because we work all over the world, understanding and adapting to cultural and geographical diversity is central to our approach on every project, and we love the challenge. Collaborative practice and partnership with local communities, governments and investors is a core priority, with a focus on designing to create opportunities that improve people's lives, via employment, education and entertainment. In every project, our aim is to create a unique asset that generates pride and ownership within the local community.


Creating spaces that enrich lives and places

Our mission at Aquamarine is to bring a love and wonder for our diverse natural environment to people across the globe, through immersive experiences that educate, and enhance lives. Our projects deliver many benefits such as:

Why we do it:

  • Connecting people and communities
  • Increasing visitor wellbeing
  • Fostering local growth through employment and tourism
  • Supporting the environment
  • Education and conservation initiatives
  • Better lives through entertainment and lifestyle enjoyment

Global perspective

Aquamarine has core teams located in New Zealand, Russia and South Africa. Our global network of partners enable a multicultural perspective, meaning we have the ability to build our team around projects, which we have completed across the world.

Our offices located in

Russia, Moscow
Auckland, New Zealand
Cape Town, South Africa
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Russia, Moscow
  • Cape Town, South Africa

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Entertain the possibilities

In Aquamarine's home base of New Zealand, we are the first country to see the new dawn each day, and this special spot in the world helps to shape our unique viewpoint. We're lucky to have many incredible natural environments on our doorstep and the natural world is hugely important to us. Perhaps this is what drives us to create projects that help others across the globe share in nature's wonders too.

We don't shy away from a challenge. We work with clients and communities in unique regions all over the world to help them build legacies and landmarks. Are you ready to start building yours?

Nicholas Traviss Aquamarine, Owner /Director

Two Generations of Innovation, 47 years in business, 1100+ projects.

Bob Traviss

Bob Traviss started R.K. Traviss Design in 1972, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Since our inception, Aquamarine has evolved into an international design and project consultancy.

From our early focus on architecture, to our specialization in aquariums, to our current focus on multi-feature bespoke developments and integrated biomes – we have always been passionate about enhancing human experience within built environments.

Throughout our evolution, we have stayed true to our roots – holding onto a respect for our natural environment, a commitment to outstanding delivery in true partnership with our clients, and a sensitivity to how our work can impact and improve lives.

Bobby Traviss founds R.K. Traviss Design in Bay of Islands New Zealand
Our second era begins, as Nicholas joins his father in the business, and R.K. Traviss Design becomes Traviss Design
Bobby passes, and leaves his legacy to Nicholas, as the business continues to grow and diversify
Aquamarine Projects embarks on a number of diverse nature-based entertainment projects including nature parks, water parks, botanic gardens and discovery centres.
1972 - 2002
30 years marks 977 individual projects completed in New Zealand's Northland Region
2002 - 2012
Traviss Design builds an international reputation as an expert consultancy in aquarium design, partnering with other leading Aquarium industry experts on over 150 projects over this time
2012 - 2019
Traviss Design expands into Aquamarine Projects – extending beyond aquariums into diverse entertainment and experience precinct projects
Aquamarine pioneers the new commercial Eco-Aquarium and champions Biome development as the sustainable future of entertainment design.

Investment Opportunities

Applications of interest are open for several existing projects, and for new ideas.

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