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Cancun Oceanarium

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— Cancun, Mexico

Highlighting the natural beauty and climatic extremes of Mexico – welcome to the Cancun Oceanarium.

Covering 16,400 square meters, Cancun Oceanarium’s ten different thematic zones offer a comprehensive experience through the ecoregions of Mexico. With differing environments accurately replicated, visitors can be transported between the likes of desert, wetlands, mangroves, estuaries, and deep Caribbean.

With thematic zones ranging from the Chihuahuan Desert of northern Mexico to the dry desert sierra of Baja California, the forests of the Yucatan Peninsula to the wetlands of Michoacán, the estuaries and coastal dunes of Quintana Roo to the mangroves of southeast Mexico, and the marine environments of the Sea of Cortez, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, no major ecoregion of Mexico is left unexplored.

A 45-meter-long underground tunnel with panoramic views offers a fully immersive experience where guests can experience the predators of the Gulf of Mexico.

To recognize the annual migration of the monarch butterfly, a purpose built butterfly house will be constructed to celebrate the 200 million butterflies that migrate around 2,800 miles from Canada and the United States to spend the coldest months of the year in the forest between Michoacán and Estado de Mexico.

Currently seeking investment to proceed, this project now has a solid foundation for commercial success as well as the potential to truly differentiate its offering in the region and better serve the community.

Total building area

16,400 m2

Tunnel length

45 meters

Thematic zones



  • Concept design
  • Feasibility study