Lima Aquarium

15,361 m2
Total building area
8,000 m3
Volume of largest tank
92 meters
Tunnel length
  • Concept design
  • Architectural design
  • Specialist technical design
  • Interior design
  • Exhibit design
  • Visual communication design

location: Lima, Peru

A unique historical, political, and geographical context make this current project truly one-of-a-kind.

Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium
Lima Aquarium

Over centuries of flux, involving population growth, civil unrest, and rising and falling power dynamics, the urban landscape of Lima, Peru has continually evolved. Nowadays, Lima’s city centre further inland has started to give way to the flourishing Miraflores area closer to the ocean. As new business and tourism thrives by the sea, the population has increased, and development and infrastructure alongside it. We were briefed to design an aquarium complex to serve the growing population of this vibrant area.

The cultural and historical context of the region inspired our design concept for the new aquarium, drawing reference from the Sacred Valley of the Incas - the Urubamba Valley in the Peruvian Andes. This is seen in the dominant circular shapes of the concept.
In the aquarium itself, visitors will be guided on a journey, discovering a new world inspired by the old. Designed to provide the element of surprise and a sense of discovery from beginning to end, architectural layout, exhibit design and storytelling converge to create a seamless experience.
With interactivity at the heart of the concept, living aquatic habitats - both salt and fresh water - are complemented by informative displays and exhibits themed to suit each carefully curated discovery zone.
In the aquarium’s design, we have given careful consideration to every aspect of a person’s journey through the facility - from taking into account the flow of foot traffic, to building an educational and emotional journey. With knowledgeable guides staffing the centre, and detailed informational displays, visitors will fully immerse in enjoying and learning about these wonders of nature in a personalized way.
As the project comes to life, it will be engineered to work with the awe-inspiring natural landscapes of the Miraflores coastal environment’s cliffs and beaches.
Lima Aquarium is still in development – and while it has by no means been a simple project, it has been a labor of love and learning. Through the hundreds of projects we’ve completed, it comes as no surprise when hurdles – from the personal to the political to the financial – arise. Lima has been no different. As large-scale planning projects often can be, getting the Lima Aquarium development underway has been a long slow road, but one we know will be well worth it once it has come to fruition. Navigating the way through is just part of the process.
Our faith in the concept and purpose of this work remains unwavering, underpinning our commitment to seeing the project completed. When the project is done, it will offer an unmatched opportunity for Peru, helping to make its capital city a landmark destination.
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