ENERGY Apartments

The “first of a kind” for Kogalym, ENERGY Apartments is paving the way for mixed-use development and modern livability within the area.

In progress
Kogalym, Russia
56,456 m2
Total area
3,415 m2
Commercial spaces
5,500 m2
Teen and youth center
  • Creative direction
  • Principle designer
  • Concept design
  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Design supervision
  • Construction supervision

Designed in the shape of a logo, these apartments commissioned by their namesake propose a mixture of residential, commercial, and social infrastructure all within one development

A first in terms of this construction and design theory within Kogalym, Energy Apartments complement other progressive projects we have undertaken with this client for the local community.

ENERGY Apartments
ENERGY Apartments
ENERGY Apartments
ENERGY Apartments

Inspired by Russian Cubism and the industrial styles of the shapes and lines found in this art movement, Energy Apartments complement Kogalym’s surrounding landscape.

Energy Apartments development responds to the changing social context of Kogalym, providing future-proofed housing that meets the needs of both current and subsequent generations. Applying modern design principles throughout the development, we can improve livability through enhanced internal and external apartment amenity, contributing to positive living environments and resident well-being.

Throughout the apartment’s three blocks, we have proposed a mixture of apartment sizes to facilitate greater choice for Kogalym’s different demographics, living needs and household budgets.

ENERGY Apartments
We hope to generate social dynamism through the creation of different types of communal spaces for a broad range of people, providing opportunities for social interaction amongst the residents of the buildings.

Yaranga project

With initial concept design approved and Technical Design soon underway, we are looking forward to seeing this progressive project come to life in Kogalym.

Yaranga project