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Iran Mall Aquarium

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— Tehran, Iran

Set within the Iran Mall, this aquarium brings the world’s aquatic environments to the people of Tehran.

We were approached by TAT Group, on the recommendation of NORR Group, with an exciting request. Our brief: to redesign the plans for an aquarium for within the Iran Mall. Our solution: an innovative six-story aquarium set over 6,142 square meters.

Working within the budget set by TAT Group, we reimagined the experience to bring the underwater world closer than ever to the people Iranian people.

With 10 million litres of water housing many different species from around the world, the aquarium presents a vast treasure-trove of knowledge about the ocean, offering conservation and educational opportunities for all guests.

Guests journey through the Amazon Rainforest, down the Mekong River, through the mangroves of the Mekong Delta and into the Great Barrier reef, whilst also experiencing the coastal beauty of the Persian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz.

Visitors receive an unprecedented underwater journey along the ocean floor of the Arabian Sea through the middle of a 6,000 m3 tank as tuna, sardines, billfish, wahoo, and sharks swim overhead.

With many other activities such as glass-bottom boats and diving with sharks, Iran Mall Aquarium is a family friendly experience that is fun for kids as well as adults.

Currently seeking investment to proceed, this project now has a solid foundation for commercial success and can be used in any multi-story development.

Total building area

6,142 m2

Volume of largest tank

6,000 m3

Volume of all tanks

10,000 m3


  • Concept design