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Gujarat Science City Aquatics Gallery

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— Ahmedabad, India
Completion due 2021

Set within a building inspired by the natural forms and structures found along the Gujarat coast, we were tasked to provide the environmental theming for the Gujarat Science City Aquatics Gallery.

We wanted to offer visitors a sensory and absorbing experience of the world below the surface.

Spread over 13,000 square meters, the Gujarat Science City Aquatics Gallery houses over 11,000 sea and aquatic creatures belonging to 193 different species from all over the works.

With three water types - fresh water, brackish water and salt water, and ten thematic zones, visitors are transported between the water bodies of India, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Indian Ocean.

A 20-meter-long underwater tunnel with panoramic views through the middle of the shark tank provides visitors with a fully immersive experience.

With the exhibit thematic design approved and construction of the main building well underway, we look forward to seeing this project come to life in Ahmedabad.

Total build area

13,000 m2

Tunnel length

20 meters

Total volume of all tanks

4,000 m3




  • Exhibit thematic design