Itaipu Binacional Aquarium

7,500 m2
Total building area
16 months
  • Concept design
  • Feasibility study

location: Itaipu, Paraguay

In designing this unique building, we looked to nature as our source of inspiration.

Itaipu Binacional Aquarium
Itaipu Binacional Aquarium
Itaipu Binacional Aquarium
Itaipu Binacional Aquarium

Set over 7,500 square meters, this innovative aquarium has a contemporary design that allows natural light to penetrate the interior, creating a natural atmosphere.

Inspired by water and its potential for life, this building consists of two main elements resembling a drop of water resting on a leaf.

Resembling the circle of life, the architecture of the building reminds visitors of how the journey of water is a repeating process on which all life depends.

With 4 million litres of water housing many different species from around the world, we designed Itaipu Binacional’s eleven thematic zones to offer a comprehensive visitor experience. Guests journey to various unique freshwater bodies across the world, including the Mississippi River, Volga River, Nile River, Lake Victoria, and Mekong River, whilst also experiencing the journey of fresh water from the Amazonian highlands, through the Amazon basin, down to coastal mangroves and into the ocean.

Currently seeking investment to proceed, this project now has a solid foundation for commercial success as well as the potential to truly differentiate its offering in the region and better serve the community.
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