Saint Petersburg Oceanarium

4,500 m2
Total building area
35 meters
Tunnel length
1,500 m3
Total tank volume
  • Ongoing Technical Services with local partner LP Group
  • Exhibition design

Completed in 2006
location: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

The first major public aquarium in the Russian Federation, Planet Neptun Oceanarium, set a new national standard for entertainment.

Saint Petersburg Oceanarium
Saint Petersburg Oceanarium
Saint Petersburg Oceanarium
Saint Petersburg Oceanarium

Set over 4,500 square meters within the Planet Neptune Shopping Mall, the Saint Petersburg Oceanarium has continued to be a major attraction for Saint Petersburg since its opening in 2006.

Split over two levels and seven different thematic zones, the Ocenarium offers a comprehensive experience from the riverbed to the seabed.

A total of 48 exhibits and a 35-meter-long underground tunnel with panoramic views offers a fully immersive experience where guests can experience the over 150 species that are housed there.

With many activities such as fish feeding and diving with sharks, Saint Petersburg Oceanarium is a family-friendly experience that is fun for kids as well as adults.

As Russia’s first major commercial public aquarium, this was an exciting milestone for the Aquarium community and citizens of Russia too. It paved the way for other aquarium projects to begin in the nation, such as the Primorsky Oceanarium in Vladivostok.
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