Why Biomes … a call for change.

Now more than ever, it is becoming clear that nature, and our impact on it, should be considered in all aspects of our lives. Since the beginning of time, nature has been in a constant state of flux, but recent human impacts on the world’s natural rhythm have begun to push things out of balance; a balance we start to see resolve when we remove ourselves from the equation. It doesn’t have to be this way. Together, both can equally flourish. But we need to change.

In the face of adversity, humanity has always created opportunity – in fact one could argue our success as a species to date is attributable to our collective ability to respond – to innovate, grow, and to find progress. And as our impact on the Earth continues, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. By no means are we at the peak of human endeavour, there is so much more to achieve.

In the same way that nature adapts, so too can we, and not just as individuals. Businesses, communities, governments and ideas can, and should, change too.


But how does this all relate to Aquamarine, what we do, and our vision?

In a world as big and complex as our own, we each must pick our battles and push for progress in the areas where we are most passionate and able. For Aquamarine, that is in developing entertainment destinations. We have always been conscious of thoughtful curation and care for the natural environments we design, but as we’ve built our capability, we see now that we can do so much more. That is why we are inviting a new paradigm for experience design.

Up until now, entertainment venues have relied heavily on superficial draw cards, that once experienced, offer diminishing returns in terms of perceived value and enjoyment – hence the perpetual race to release the next ‘action-packed’ flagship exhibit. Not only is this unsustainable, commercially and environmentally, but it also doesn’t push boundaries. It doesn’t inspire or call for change. It doesn’t fully realise what an entertainment venue could be.

The contemporary needs of our communities and our environment demand we do better in our approach to experience and entertainment design. We now have the knowledge, science and technology available to make this a reality.

We have developed an approach, and of course, we took our concept inspiration from nature.

Come inside a Biome

The sustainable future of entertainment precincts

Biome features include:

  • Natural habitats

    Botanic gardens, aquariums, unique regional ecosystems, and rainforests are cornerstones of every Biome.

  • Active experiences

    Adventure parks, playgrounds, tree walks, rock-climbing etc.

  • Social & wellbeing facilities

    Restaurants, bars, rest areas, shops and spas.

  • Culture & education

    Integral to the biome experience local culture and history are curated into informative displays and installation design.