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Projects as problem solving.

Realising Possibilities
The Project Journey – an adaptive roadmap

The projects we love best are those that present unique challenges and complex tasks to solve. So we believe in building problem solving into our processes at every stage.

Realising a project to its full potential is never a straightforward, linear process from concept to completion, especially at scale. But as is often said, seen in the right way issues can present opportunities. It is often in a project’s hurdles, its twists and turns, that the most interesting ideas and insights appear. In fact, some of the projects we are proudest of were originally brought to Aquamarine as issues to be solved.

Within Aquamarine’s methodology, structure and agility go hand in hand. Process sets the path, and agility helps us navigate the detours, all the while remaining laser-focused on our end goal. The destination – a project’s vision – must remain true, but sometimes the route to get there requires a little adaptability (or a lot).

We're inspired by challenges. We’ve built our business on being adaptable, working in the world’s most unique, complex and demanding contexts. We pride ourselves on being able to craft solutions which inherently fit their context. From feasibility studies recently completed in Columbia, Nigeria, Bali and Jakarta, to projects in North Korea and Russia, our diverse project base speaks for itself.

Whether you are interested in exploring new concepts or investing in our projects — we are ready to shape your vision for the future.